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Eliseo will never lose focus on local government's core services: police, fire, water, and roads/infrastructure, all of which are essential to keeping our families safe.

Defensive rights

Response times for emergency services (such as police ) in Arapahoe County average between 12-15 minutes. Eliseo supports everyone's defensive rights and will advocate to never limit any rights.


Day one, Eliseo will work to restore the relationship between the Aurora Police Department/Arapahoe County Sheriff and the community. He wants to ensure officers have the resources necessary to succeed.


Eliseo will bolster police recruitment efforts, particularly from areas where officers are undervalued.


Eliseo believes we must invest resources to boost morale and reduce turnover, including additional training as well as recognition for exemplary performance and length of service as well as reward exemplary community service.


Eliseo plans to increase engagement and partnership with local nonprofit providers focused on expanding mental health and substance abuse treatment.


Eliseo supports tougher sentences for criminals who commit violent crimes as well as property crime.

Engage with the community 

Eliseo will engage community initiatives and youth programs to improve our community’s relationship with law enforcement. 

Committee to Elect Eliseo Gonzalez
Registered Agent: Jacob Luria 
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