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Meet Eliseo

Eliseo values families. was born in California to Felipe Gonzalez, a Mexican carpenter and Reverend of a small church, and Raquel Gonzalez, homemaker and housecleaner. His family moved to Denver in 1991 from Long Beach, CA after long periods of violence engulfed the City of Los Angeles due to the Rodney King riots. 

Eliseo grew up in Arapahoe county for most of his life. He attended Crawford Elementary, West Middle School and ultimately graduated from Aurora Central High School, a predominantly Black and Latino High school which was notorious for their low graduation rates as well as gang violence and drug use.

Eliseo has always called Arapahoe county home. After graduation, Eliseo worked a few full time jobs including being a manager of various fast food restaurants, a carpenter which specializes in commercial furniture, A radio host, a teacher/mentor and a butcher to name a few. Eliseo has gained the trust and confidence of every single past employer he had worked with and, upon request, can furnish a letter of recommendation barring none. In 2010, Eliseo worked full time as a professional Spanish interpreter and community liaison and went back to school earning a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Fort Hays State University in Hays Kansas. He is currently employed as a provider relations specialist and enjoys bridging the communication gap between communities. Eliseo resides in Arapahoe county, CO with his wife Hannah and dog Apollo.

Eliseo has served as a volunteer with various organizations which primarily help low income families including food banks as well as shelters.

Eliseo is a registered Libertarian and has served as the Outreach Director and as the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

Committee to Elect Eliseo Gonzalez
Registered Agent: Jacob Luria 
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